"Experience The Bliss of Rebirth Therapy
Under The Enlightened Guidance
Of H.H. Swami Paramananda!

Open the doors to your inner peace with the in-depth meditation with Guidance from Swami Paramananda

on 20th May 2012

Dear Friend,


re you seeking true spiritual enlightenment?

Then look no further because genuine rebirth therapy and spirit-enriching meditation is right here waiting for you. If you feel like you are not really living and not attaining what you should then please listen very closely...


People these days the world over are looking for positive, spirit uplifting change... Just like you they are tired of feeling unhappy, stressed out and leading unfulfilled lives that always seem full of problems but never solutions.

In this age of spiritual awakening where their body, mind, heart and spirit feel deeply connected with the universe you can feel happy all the time... Your stress and problems can be released, your life can feel like living again, your desires can be fulfilled.

In essence, what you are seeking is true enlightenment where all the interconnected parts of your life become one.

Since we live in a world where 30-second commercials continually bombard us with instant solutions you certainly shouldn't be surprised when the so called 'easy' solutions do not work. You clearly understand there are no magic bullets, or quick fixes on the path to lasting change...

If you look at the technological advances of the world and all the material possessions people desire, you can see that mankind is caught up in the spiral of wanting more and more and feeling and achieving less every day.


"The Emptiness Inside..."

No matter how many things you acquire unless you address your spiritual needs you still feel empty inside... You may still experience unhappiness with your life or partner, your family, job or future... insecure feelings that rise to smite you every now and then... and that hurts.

As you read through this letter you will clearly understand how I, Swami Paramananda, can help you address those and other hidden problems no matter your religion, creed or beliefs.


The rebirth therapy was the best reward I could expect.

     "I kept reading Know Thyself magazine written by Swami Paramananda regularly. I wondered what this meditation master can do. The rebirth therapy was the best reward I could expect. I met him in person and I have known what it is to feel the vibes of the presence of an enlightened master. It is important for me to say 'I was a Christian, later converted to Islam. Now I can say with all conviction that meditation can be practised by any religion. I love what happened to me."


Member of Public


I have many of the answers you are seeking to help you find happiness, relief from worry, anxiety, depression, loneliness and the feelings of emptiness that are so prevalent today.

I am here to help you on your spiritual quest.

We all are looking for more... We are seeking the sights, sounds and feelings of inner peace that will sooth our bodies, engage our minds and lift our spirits and will deeply touch our inner souls.

Is Life really what we make it...?

You can make our lives full of joy or sorrow...

You can make your life full of emptiness or full of plenty because YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE...

you decide what you do to change it or you decide through inaction to continue to cling to old self-defeating habits and destructive feelings that are crushing your spirit.

The choice is up to you.


I had never experienced such a strong love before...

     "A few days after the Rebirth Therapy technique, I experienced something very strong. I was standing outside and doing nothing special All of a sudden, I experienced a deep silence and during a few seconds everything around seemed to be moving in slow motion; almost at a standstill. I could sense all the persons, birds, flies, trees, colours around as if they were actually in me and I in them.

At the same time, I felt a ball of emotion in the region between my belly and heart, which grew so intense that I started to sob like a child. It was a cry of joy and love as I felt in love with everything that surrounded me. I was in love with the whole existence. I had never experienced such a strong love before..."


                                             Boni - Teacher


Not a dream..."

Imagine for a moment you have a dream...

You dream of a warm, giving and joyous life, where you are blissfully happy.

Picture yourself feeling free... Your stresses are gone, your problems are solved and you are happier than you ever remember being! Life feels like worth living again.

Your spirit is flying high and you feel free!

Just close your eyes for a moment, and relax...

Please do this now, and quietly remember how you used to feel when you were happy. Remember a time in your life when life felt good and you felt free. Concentrate and reach deep inside you, to your past and remember a moment in time when you loved your life..  Remember a happy time when you were praised, you excelled and people noticed. Or a time when your parent or partner was especially proud of you.

Concentrate on that picture, feel those feelings flow over you as you experience those warm feelings of love and accomplishment and acceptance. You can easily feel whole and happy just moments from now...

Reach deep inside you for those feelings of when your life was good, and you felt in control. You knew what you wanted and people helped you and gave you what you needed. Life was easy.

And you felt like you were on top of the world -- life was the best it has ever been!

You can make this dream real... It CAN become your reality... please continue reading, you will find the answers moments from now.

"Announcing... 4 Secret Steps to Enlightenment"


You seek the Keys to Spiritual Rebirth and Enlightenment.

Your body is a temple and how you fill that temple determines your life.

Your spirit is the warm light and energy that glows in your temple.

Your emotions are the spark that flames up or burns to a cinder.

Your breath is your life giving food that feeds the body the air it needs.

*** Special note the proceeds of your purchase will go to charities that Swami Paramananda supports.


 I was able to get rid of many negative emotions and blockages through this technique.

     "After practicing the rebirth therapy, I noticed several changes within myself. My level of awareness increased considerably. I was able to get rid of many negative emotions and blockages through this technique. I can presently meditate more deeply and I always feel a calmness and peace from within.

As a result, all the challenging situations of daily life are tackled more effectively. Based on my experience I strongly feel that Rebirth Therapy is THE best meditation method tailor-made for the contemporary man..."


                                Secondary School Teacher


"Life flows from the breaths you take..."

Life flows from the breaths you take...

If you breathe shallow, your body lives in a shallow slumber. To enhance your life your breathing must be deep and full from your abdomen. You desire to be shown how to enhance your breathing and so invigorate your body and nourish your spirit.

You will discover how to enhance your life, and feel refreshed by proper breathing and meditation methods. I offer to you, the chance to uncover the ways you need to know to start your spiritual journey, a journey that will heal your body, energize your mind, and enlighten your spirit.

But before you start you need to know this...

You need to correct the causes that makes your body become off center. Obviously your desire is to enhance your breathing and so invigorate your body and nourish your spirit.

Healthy and Centered...

In order to become enlightened, and basking in the love of your god or higher power you need to know how to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually...

But everyday you are exposed to harmful environments, bad air, poor breathing habits, family or job stress and often poor nutrition or erratic eating habits.

Any one of these can throw you 'off-center' but together...well is it any wonder you feel listless or sick and tired all the time?

FAct is though, you're not alone in this and neither is it your fault. You see people often have little control over their environment or the stress of daily life, never mind the ongoing pollution we are exposed to daily. But we do have...

...YOU do have the power deep within yourself to heal your body, lift your spirit, educate your mind and feel well.

Once you experience how easy it is to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and, most importantly, spiritually you will not want to go back. You will start to become enlightened and bask in the warm love of your god or higher power.

This is what it means to be healthy and centered... Right now you are most likely taking care of the physical and emotional aspects of your life but maybe not the spirit...

Don't Neglect the Spirit

Your spirit is continually seeking the true knowledge of rebirth, infinite wisdom or deep faith... The thing is though, most people are unaware this is taking place because it happens on a deeper level than is normally experienced. Often the only hint of this deep inner need is a symptom that pops to the surface...

Maybe it's a feeling of becoming disillusioned with the material world and you seek a better place... or perhaps:

  • You feel cold and withdrawn from the people around you
  • You feel lost, lonely and unhappy... always searching for love
  • You're afraid to speak out and be heard
  • You are afraid of change
  • You are feeling disheartened, beaten down
  • You are disillusioned with the teachings you have to abide by
  • You're wishing for guidance
  • You are tired of the old ways and looking for new excitement?
  • You're disenchanted with the way you are living your life?

Finally, do you ever ask yourself "Is this all there is?"

"The Secrets to Enlightenment"

If any one of the above even vaguely resonate with you it's a sure sign your spirit and mind are searching for enlightenment.

You want to feel more in tune with your inner self and spiritual life. You want to be in touch with the feelings needed in order to feel happy, content and more in love with life...

Meditation is the key that you seek... but not just any meditation, sometimes a guide is needed to start you on the path.


Is It Really So Simple?

Well, yes and no. Meditation is the key to restoring your spirit and rekindling your life life...

It can help you in many ways:

  • Reduce deep seated tension and stress that ruins your life.
  • Reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and despair.
  • Reduce feelings of indecision, and not knowing what to do.
  • Reduce feelings of criticizing yourself and your low self esteem.
  • Releases feelings of anger, pain, hurt, depression, fear, and anxiety.
  • Releases feelings of worthlessness and feeling unworthy.
  • Releases feelings of jealousy, undesirable wants and excessive need.
  • Restores your spirit and allows you to experience rebirth!
  • Restores your feeling of well being and love of life!

Common Misconceptions About Meditation

There are many common misconceptions about meditation... any one of numerous reasons could mean you've not had the success you expected from your meditations.
It could be:

1. You may be meditating incorrectly.

2. You are meditating and not getting deeply enough into the meditation so you are not receiving the maximum benefits.

3. You may not feel the spiritual relief after meditating that feel you should and desire.

4. You may need to change how you believe and change the way you meditate to be more in tune with your new spirituality.

5. You may feel that meditating is a waste of time and you do not have time for it anymore.

6. Or you know you need to make time to meditate and can't seem to find the time and this bothers you.

7. You may feel that you are so low in your life and so depressed that meditating won't help.

8. Or you may feel your life is better with meditation and the release you feel after mediating but it is not enough and you feel you are missing something.

9. You may feel that meditating is not really for you, but nothing else helps either.

10. You may feel that meditating is just for people that are deeply religious and you don't want to be that way.

That's why I'd like to take this opportunity to offer you a FREE DVD to help you with your future meditations.

"Discover Meditation and Restore Your Spirit!"

Swami is in the room with you... personally guiding you through the steps to a successful meditation... before you know it you will be deep in a relaxing meditation, experiencing the joy and peaceful tranquility that comes with it..."

You'll certainly want to keep on reading to find out how to claim you FREE DVD... right now let's focus on what you can achieve through meditation."

*** Special note the proceeds of your purchase will go to charities that Swami Paramananda supports.

"Meditation can help you understand the link between your body, spirit and mind to help them
all work together...

Meditation can help you to cope with everyday stress and problem solving by giving you relief and insight into problems. You can use meditation as a tool for clearing your mind to help to assist you in making decisions and problem solving.

Meditation can help you cope with problems in a relationship, with a child, a parent or a coworker. When you meditate you are allowing your body to free itself of past negative thinking and allowing your inner spirit to guide you.

When you meditate you can listen closely to what your spirit needs.

You may have been trying to become happier from the outside in, which does not work. Instead once you give your spirit what it needs, then you grow happier and more fulfilled from the inside out.

"Meditation will help you to feel refreshed and invigorated and will help you be able to live
your life to its fullest potential!

Bad things will disappear since you are no longer negative and are not attracting those negative thoughts, feelings and problems into your life.

The law of attraction will work for you instead of against you.

Love will come to you and you will be filled with happy emotions and your spirits will lift. Bad days will no longer get you down. You will be able to
work though your problems and tense situations with ease.

Life will be more open and kind to you and you will feel like a different person after you meditate and experience my rebirth therapy.

I have helped tens of thousands be reborn using my rebirth therapy and you will follow my instructions to become one with your inner spirit.

You will experience happiness like you have never known.

Meditation will bring inner peace to you and will make your life feel better and you will be
happy and content.

Your heart will feel light as a feather and your spirit will soar!

Your life will be filled with good things, happiness and overflowing with love!

I offer all of this for you to experience.

Join me in experiencing your own rebirth therapy.

You owe it to yourself to feel the sweeping energy that will flow through you.

Meditating will allow you to experience these feelings:

  • You will feel loved.
  • You will feel at peace.
  • You will feel no stress.
  • You will feel like you are newly born.
  • You will easily deal with problems.
  • You will eliminate many unnecessary worries.
  • You will feel no anxiety and will remove many fears.
  • You will feel an inner strength and confidence in yourself.
  • You will feel whole again.
  • You will feel safe and happy inside.
  • You will feel one with the universe.

Discover Meditation and How to
Restore Your Spirit...

As you have just seen balancing the body, spirit and emotions through proper breathing and meditation is the key to happiness in life.

When you page through my latest book '4 Steps to Health and Enlightenment' you will discover the best way to achieve these... You will also uncover the 7 reasons why your success with meditation alone has not helped you heal your body, energize your mind or free your spirit...

"4 Steps to Health and Enlightenment by Swami Paramananda" (110 pages)

You will uncover the 7 reasons why your success with meditation has not helped you heal your body, energize your mind and free your spirit.
How to meditate correctly to attain the full benefits for your body, mind and spirit.
Why if you are meditating and not getting deeply enough into the meditation and how to help remove that block.
How to help you feel the lightness and spiritual relief after meditating that you should.
Why you need to believe in your meditation and change the way you meditate to be more in tune with your new spirituality.
How to find the time to meditate and how often and when it is best to meditate for full benefit.
Why meditation can help you express your emotions, and help you to reduce stress and deal with problems in your life.
How to help heal your body, mind and spirit and attain the release you desire with limited effort.

"Now Experience Your Own Rebirth"

Once you've read the book, '4 Steps to Health and Enlightenment' you will be impatient to experience your own rebirth... and you will with the help of this incredible DVD titled 'Rebirth Therapy.'

"Unlock Hidden Meditation Secrets!"

"Experience the Healing Touch of a Living Buddha! Unlock the Hidden Meditation Secrets with Swami Paramananda"  (45 minutes)

You will watch as an experienced person illustrates the proven steps to guide you in the simple and easy steps of meditation.

How to properly breathe.
Why following the steps of meditating are vital in achieving the feeling of mental clarity.
How to help you connect with your inner soul.
Why you need to think deeply, in order to feel the emotions that hinder your happiness and so experience your blocks to gain inner peace.
How to keep the good feelings from meditation in order to transform your every day life so you are feeling free all day long.
Why meditation can be the key to unlocking your old fears, angers and inhibitions and how to free yourself.
How to use daily meditation to feel happy again.


"Experience Your Own Rebirth!"

"Rebirth Therapy with Swami Paramananda!
Burst Past Your Old Limitations and Remove Negative Emotions!" (45 minutes)

You will join the thousands who have experienced rebirth!

Watch while Swami Paramananda is questioned by an interviewer about his beliefs, feelings and thoughts on the world around us.
Why daily meditation is important to attain inner peace.
Watch Swami Paramananda lead a session on Rebirth Therapy!
Why rebirth therapy is the new way to meditate.
How Rebirth Therapy works and how this type of meditation will release you from all your old blockages and fears.
Why meditation is the key to enlightenment
How Rebirth Therapy will reveal a new you!

You'll get 110 pages in the downloadable book '4 Steps to Health and 4 Steps to Health and Enlightenment'  via instant download. No need to wait 3 - 6 weeks before you get started. No need to listen for the Postman for delivery.

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Your "No - Risk Guarantee!"

You also get my "100% No Hassle - Money Back Guarantee"


"I'm so confident you will love the '4 Steps to Health and Enlightenment' and the 2 DVDs, 'Unlock Hidden Meditation Secrets' and the 'Rebirth Therapy' that I am offering a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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You will love these meditation methods!

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Swami Paramananda


"Join Us in Experiencing the Joy of Rebirth!"



"Experience True Happiness Again!"

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Yes, I want to be happy again.... my life is worth it! I understand I will receive all of these valuable items to help me with my rebirth therapy.

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Feel full of energy, extraordinary eyesight, feeling light are the words which can attempt to describe my state just after Rebirth Therapy...  

"Awareness, deep silence, full of energy, extraordinary eyesight, feeling light are the words which can attempt to describe my state just after Rebirth Therapy. An attempt yes, because words are too limited to describe that extraordinary blissful feeling. Another effect is sharp photographic memory which I developed and helped during an exam next day.(Girish Lecturer) ..."